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New build or refurbishment, the need to upgrade ICT systems, a move to 1:1 mobile learning, the ending of a BSF or managed service ICT contract or just a change in strategy.
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Delivering transformational change in education through the effective application of technology.

We work with a range of Education organisations ranging from a small Primary in the heart of Somerset to geographically dispersed Multi-Academy Trusts. Every organisation we work with has a lever for change. This could be the result of a new build or refurbishment, the need to upgrade ICT systems, a move to 1:1 mobile learning, the ending of a BSF or managed service ICT contract or just a change in strategy. Our immersive approach ensures we fully understand the lever for change for each of our clients and can deliver to successfully implement that change.


We have created a standard framework to engage with the school on an ICT and pedagogical level to inform strategy and make ICT related decisions, tailored to integrate with the school’s Development Plan. This ensures the teaching and learning requirements driven by the teaching experts are the priority drivers for any change or new development.


Many schools have entered into BSF or alternative IT managed service contracts and have had to operate within the confines of a stringent contract which was defined and agreed five or more years ago. 9ine have significant experience of directly working with schools who either did not want to be part of the local BSF or alternative IT managed service schemes, or who needed independent advice and guidance on what they should do when their contract came up for renewal or where a break clause had been activated. Working in partnership, we provide schools with independent advice and guidance on their options, providing support so the school makes the right decision given their circumstances.


A new building or extensive refurbishment are ideal levers to evoke transformational change using technology. Each year we work on a number of capital build construction projects that range in value from £5 million to £100 million. No matter what the capital value, we follow a standard approach to integrate technology within the design process, ensuring the new build or refurbishment is fit for purpose and meets the aspirations and vision of our clients.


Our technical team provide technical assurance services to our clients in the development, management and troubleshooting of their IT services. Being independent and vendor neutral we assess a range of technologies, hardware providers and software applications. This experience gives us the expertise in which to support our clients.


Our immersive approach to working with our clients starts with the Health Check. The approach to the Health Check is based on the type of change facing the organisation. The Health Check includes a 2-day onsite review. Within this review we complete a strategic review, focus groups with; staff, students, parents and governors, a systems architecture review and a IT operations review. The completion of the Health Check is a strategic ‘Sandpit’ session to review the onsite findings, create a IT Vision and develop an action orientated plan to manage the ‘change’.


Technology is dictating fundamental changes to the way schools function. School leaders are expected to make technology decisions without a clear understanding of the consequent risks and opportunities. 9ine provides clients with a thorough explanation of the business implications of technology related decisions.


9ine are leaders in the deployment of tablet technology in the Education sector. Being the first organisation to deploy over 1000 tablet devices to learners we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver your mobile learning strategy. We are helping a significant number of schools to develop and deliver their mobile learning strategies. Being independent we can advise on the most appropriate device for your school, considering iOS, Android and Microsoft technologies.


9ine provide creative and engaging inspire sessions which have been tailored to support the embedding of mobile learning. Our inspire programme helps to develop confidence in technology that in turn, drives learner engagement and provides teachers and support staff the skills and knowledge to deliver an effective curriculum.