Our digital learning & skills services enable school leaders to measure the impact of technology in the classroom and informs the need for new technology based resources linked to classroom impact

The quality of teaching in a school is not automatically improved when a teacher is shown how to use iPads, pointed towards clever apps, given some better software or subscribed to a handy cloud service. In practice, this approach can cause more problems than it solves, as each teacher still has to decide how to construct a lesson that moves their students forward, while now also having to insert some new technology into the right part of the lesson in order to help their students. More often than not, schools have found themselves investing in technology and training, only to find a lower than expected impact on learning outcomes over the course of the year. For this reason we have designed two programmes that support schools to make rapid improvement in the use of technology, The Digital Learning Programme and The Digital Skills Programme.


The Digital Learning Programme (DLP)

The Digital Learning Programme will provide the schools who participate in the programme with clear and measurable outcomes. The programme is designed to:


  • rapidly improve the quality of teaching
  • provide sustainable, continuing professional development
  • provide written evidence of embedding and monitoring eSafety over time
  • increase individual student engagement and enthusiasm
  • meet the specific lessons and requirements of each teacher
  • increase the confidence of teachers to apply existing digital technology into their lessons
  • support teachers in finding the relevance of new technology to their own classroom, subject and students
  • demonstrate  evidence of impact to support the school’s investment in digital technology
  • provide teachers with a wider coaching methodology to help them sustain the application of technology in lessons beyond the programme


The programme is a scalable programme, enabling 52 teachers to be coached over 30 weeks. For rapid improvement, across your school, DLP is the programme.


If you have questions about how we can help you, get in contact with us for a no obligation conversation with one of our specialists. Remember, our consultants are not sales people, any advice or guidance is independent, based on their extensive knowledge and experience and 100% focused on helping you.












The Digital Skills Programme (DSP)

The Digital Skills Programme (DSP) is an essential part of any new technology implementation in schools. We work with small groups of teachers, in departmental or year groups, to demonstrate and deliver the fundamental skills to use individual functions of technology. This could be the use of collaborative tools such as OneDrive or Google Docs, digital content production tools or tablet technology and its associated eco-systems.


With DSP we provide regular sessions that focus on individual needs of teachers, working with them to understand their aims for their own learning. This involves looking at their current skills, assess the tools they currently use, and determine their aspirations to help equip them with the most effective use of technology in the classroom.


We provide:

  • A initial session to gather specific aims of individual teachers
  • Six customised sessions across a school term
  • Mid point review focussed on past progress and future plans
  • Final outcomes meeting with head of department or headteacher






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