A clear strategic plan to achieve your vision and an action driven report to support improvements to the school’s ICT services, infrastructure and application of technology in supporting teaching and learning


The 9ine ICT Health Check assesses the school’s current teaching and learning methods, ICT operations, effectiveness of your school’s approach to online safety,  systems / network infrastructure to provide a clear vision, strategy and plan, whilst making recommendations on where investment may be required and where potential cost savings could be gained.


9ine’s safeguarding component of our Health Checks assesses the effectiveness of your school’s approach to online safety, providing a safeguarding overview of the network. Within the Health Check and following the statutory guidance that takes effect from September 5th 2016, we evaluate the ability of your school to reasonably limit children’s exposure to the following risks:


  • Content: being exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material
  • Contact: being subjected to harmful online interaction with other users
  • Conduct: personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes harm


The outcome of the safeguarding component is identified within our Health Check report and risk weighted action plan. This provides you with measurable and data driven issues and actions from which to implement an effective approach to online safety.


You will receive the following benefits from carrying out a Health Check:


  • Clearly understand your technology service including how it is supporting your users.
  • Identify how technology can be used to achieve the school’s strategic objectives.
  • Help you define your ICT vision and strategy and ensure it is aligned to your user needs.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses or your ICT team or support company.
  • Identify how technology is being used to support users.
  • Define where ICT investment should be allocated.


At the end of the Health Check we will have provided you outputs on the following:


  • Current challenges and perceptions of ICT delivery at the school.
  • Objective quantification of user feedback through independent operational and technical investigations.
  • Assessment of your ICT systems and services in line with best practice, identifying any operational, technical or strategic risks.
  • Identified investment needs and have aligned these with your strategy.
  • Clearly outlined technology needs for teaching and learning.
  • Confidence in allocating budgets for ICT.
  • A clear action oriented plan.


If you have questions about how we can help you, get in contact with us for a no obligation conversation with one of our specialists. Remember, our consultants are not sales people, any advice or guidance is independent, based on their extensive knowledge and experience and 100% focused on helping you.







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