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We are a dedicated team of in-house experts and the 'go to' team who understand the information schools process, through what systems, where the problems are and how to solve them.

Our Story...

In 2009 Mark Orchison started 9ine from his kitchen table in Greenwich, London. Over the course of the next ten years, Mark has led the business to become the leading independent K-12 technology and compliance consultancy in the UK and internationally.

We pride ourselves on the investment in our staff and clients. Being owner managed our culture and values are tied to our managing director, rather than the priorities of shareholders.

With a team of twenty multi-disciplinary and specialist consultants in-house our client base expands across Africa, Middle-East, Russia, India, Asia and the Americas.

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Our Company Vision


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To be the leading EdTech organisation providing independent, evidence based, no-nonsense advice and guidance on how to practically achieve outcomes through technology and practice.


Our Team of Experts
Over the past 12 years 9ine have become experts in each of these areas delivering market leading consultancy services and solving challenging problems. We have invested in an in-house team of experts whilst maintaining a presence working and managing large scale IT systems in schools on a day by day basis. This combination of human experience and expertise makes 9ine the 'go to' team who understand what information schools process, through what systems, where the problems are and how to solve them.

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Got to hand it to the team at 9ine, they do great work!




9ine's Leadership Team

Mark Orchison

                                Mark Orchison                                 Founder & CEO



Simi Kandola
Chief Technology Officer


James Wigginton
Head of Business Development

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