9ine, Our corporate social responsibility policy


Our action oriented and data driven approach provides school leaders with the information they require to make better technology decisions

Giving Back

With education being the primary sector in which we operate, our focus is on working in partnership with our clients and we have a strong ethos of supporting them from a community aspect.

Part of our corporate social responsibility is supporting not for profit organisations within the education technology space, providing them with independent technical, operational and strategic input:

E-Learning Foundation- www.e-learningfoundation.com

  • Provision of a free advisory and support service to help schools develop the most appropriate strategy to achieve personal access for all, at school and at home.
  • Support to schools to help achieve financial sustainability and services to take away the administration burden of collecting parental donations.
  • Campaigning to keep the role of ICT in education at the forefront of public consciousness and encouraging the use of learning technologies to help children achieve their full potential.
  • We feel it is important to contribute outside of the services we offer, other recent examples include:

    • Supporting learners through work experience and consequently full time graduate positions – Two of our team were employed from our client Schools, provided with part-time work with 9ine whilst at School, offered a year in industry with 9ine whilst at University, and offered full time employment with us post-graduation.
    • Hosting workshops for groups of  school leaders on the strategic changes and developments regarding technology in Education.
    • Talking to learners about jobs and careers or anything ‘ICT’ as a guest speaker or visitor.
    • Linking schools with technology manufacturers or blue chip companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

    We are always looking for new and innovative ways to support schools outside of our service offering. If you have an idea, or would like some support such as the above, get in touch.

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