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Translating our years of experience consulting with schools the new 9ine app provides an intelligent, efficient approach to   manage data protection, cyber security and technology.

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What's the story behind the 9ine platform?

Over the past 24 months, we  have been dedicated to creating specific tools and frameworks for our clients in the education sector. We have reviewed the resources we’ve invented and reimagined how schools can access our expertise in order to efficiently demonstrate the principle of accountability for evidencing compliance.

The outcome - 9ine’s new app. It’s all you need to protect your school! 

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Our team has spent hundreds of hours working in schools around the world to develop an expert understanding of the connection between information and technology in the education sector.

Mark Orchison - Managing Director, 9ine
Why Schools Need More Support Now Than Ever Before!


Recent changes to global data protection have created the need for school leaders, boards and governors to be held accountable for how data and information is managed within their organisation. These laws have brought together three areas:

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Governance & Accountability  

Data Privacy & Protection 

Information & Cyber Security


Over the past 10 years 9ine have become experts in each of these areas delivering market leading consultancy services and solving challenging problems. We have invested in an in-house team of experts whilst maintaining a presence working and managing large scale IT systems in schools on a day by day basis. This combination of human experience and expertise makes 9ine the 'go to' team who understand what information schools process, through what systems, where the problems are and how to solve them.


Our Team of Experts


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Data Protection Officers

Child Protection Experts

Cyber Security Experts


What Does the 9ine Platform do?

The 9ine app translates our years of experience consulting into an easy-to-use digital platform, providing school leaders, boards and governing bodies with a comprehensive, real time analysis and benchmark of their compliance in the areas of data privacy & protection, cyber security, IT operations & management and safeguarding.

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1. Manage and evidence compliance 

The application acts as a single point of entry and storage to evidence compliance in all required areas and provides your team leaders/management with a dashboard to quickly understand where your shortfalls are.

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2. Real time compliance analytics

A key feature of the app provides you with real time comparative analysis of your compliance level versus all other international, independent and state schools from around the world.

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3. Dashboard and task management

Accurately view the progress of projects, manage tasks and keep on top of upcoming milestones through the dashboard. Receive real time updates from 9ine based upon the latest technical alerts, with specific actions to help mitigate any risks. Create and allocate actions, whilst tracking the percentage of task completed.

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4. Risk management

Manage your school's risks across data protection, cyber security, technology and child protection. View owner oriented (role based) risks to help drive accountability and issue actions based upon risk priority.

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9ine's quick survey will identify gaps and the steps you should be taking to achieve compliance with international data protection law (GDPR).

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