Pre-Conference Workshops Pre-Conference Workshops

The Doha College Annual Conference pre-conference workshops offer a choice of 4 courses, led by members of the 9ine team, which includes accredited Apple Professional Development trainers. Participants register for the Pre-Conference Workshop Day separately from the Doha College Annual Conference and choose to take part in one area of focus, from the four on offer. A reduced rate is available to delegates who choose to attend the Pre-Conference Workshop Day and the Doha College Annual Conference.


Primary Curriculum

Focusing on primary and early years classrooms, in these sessions, we will help educators explore how tablets can be used to support the learning of younger children. This workshop will address age-appropriate concepts around aspects of project based learning, the variety of exciting ways that tablets can be used to create and tell stories and supporting the teaching and learning of phonics, early reading and more advanced primary literacy.


Secondary Curriculum

These workshops are geared towards middle and secondary school teachers looking to find out more about how tablets can be used to support and enhance teaching and learning. From consumption to creation, from collaboration to curation, you will learn a range of strategies, which will help to use tablets to engage children in and excite children about their learning.



These workshops are aimed at school leaders who want to find out more about developing a vision and plan for the use of learning technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning in their school. You will explore a range of considerations around the deployment of tablets, in a school context, become familiar with how tablets and associated technologies can support curriculum development and aid in the delivery of content, whilst transform teaching and learning.


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