DPO Essentials


How much more could you get done with the right advice and support?

Our DPO Essentials service gives you peace of mind - once you’re covered. You don’t need to worry about what to be doing for compliance with new data protection laws as we provide you with the tools, advice, guidance and support to manage your obligations. In the event of an information rights request or data protection breach, just let us know and we will assess the situation, advise and provide clear instructions on what to do.

Depending on your level of service, we will help to complete your actions, allowing you to meet your data protection obligations with efficiency and confidence.

So while having external DPO expertise is not a legal requirement, it is advised and can make your life easier in taking away of stress of information rights requests and data protection breaches.

It can be especially reassuring for those inexperienced with new updates data protection law, the GDPR, and managing cyber security threats.

It’s also worth noting that joining the 9ine family now will be cheaper than joining when you have a data protection breach or information rights request and you need immediate expert assistance.

You may already have support from lawyers or solicitors, however do they really understand the Education market and how close are they to understanding how schools work? We work in schools every day and have the expertise to support you. Are you really confident you have the right level of support?


Why should you choose 9ine?

We’re proud in the quality of services - but don’t just take our word for it. We can provide references and case studies of organisations working with 9ine who realise the value in our services every week. And here’s why:

  • We’re the UK’s largest independent technology and data protection consultancy practice supporting the Education sector
  • We’re working internationally with Education clients in Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, throughout Africa and the USA.
  • Our in-house expert consultants are specialists in their field of data protection, cyber security, saef guarding, IT systems management, IT systems development, IT operations management and IT project management
  • Reportable breaches to the ICO have increased by 32% in the past three months, it’s a matter of time before you need expert support in breach management
  • You can also enjoy access to sector specific independent training and support in the services 9ine provides.


Learn more about dpo essentials tailored to your organisation

In addition to all the policies, processes and procedures your organisation needs to manage compliance, 9ine's DPO Essentials service includes:

  • A DPO service desk managed by our GDPR Certified Practitioner consulting team available 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays), to respond to your queries
  • A knowledge portal for resources, FAQs and other useful information for your reference
  • Communication with the supervisory authority in the instance of a breach to determine whether the breach will be investigated by the supervisory authority
  • A set of actions to take in the event of a breach
  • A single point of contact via our service desk to correspond with individuals wishing to exercise their rights
  • A set framework to support responding to individuals’ information rights requests within the mandated time frames (e.g. the 30 days obligation for a Subject Access Request)
  • First-line assessment of individuals’ requests including coordinating verification of individuals’ identity
  • Communication with the school resource responsible for gathering information that has been requested under a Subject Access Request (SAR)
  • Communication with individuals who have invoked their information rights within the expected timeframe
  • Ongoing updates to 9ine’s GDPR Readiness Toolkit for maintaining a record of processing activities and associated risks
  • GDPR news bulletin service
  • Priority booking on 9ine training courses on the GDPR, Cybersecurity and Safeguarding
  • Ongoing access to resources, with updated guidance and policies from the governing body, as released
  • Resources to use to foster a data protection culture within your school


Book a demonstration of our service to learn more

Book a demonstration of the service through contacting us at info@9ine.uk.com or contact us (above).

We will happily schedule a conference call, taking you through the service structure and showing you how to manage key responsibilities such as information rights and breach management. 

We are also happy to provide references of all organisations using our DPO Essentials Service


Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients say:

“....the knowledge and information provided by 9ine has been invaluable”

“9ine have a good grasp on the changes and what schools need to do”

“Very profound knowledge”

“Best [GDPR expertise] I've met so far”

“9ine demonstrate an in-depth command of the subject matter and communicate it well”