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Register your interest for International School of Luxembourg's IT Summit in collaboration with 9ine on the 4th - 5th October 2019





Fostering leadership excellence in the execution of technology strategy. Training encompassing: education technology, technical systems architecture, operations management, cyber security, data protection, and the realistic future of technology in international schools.


Summit Overview

Bringing together international school leaders across Europe and further afield, the summit aligns the obligations of technology strategy, as set out in accreditation standards, with the educational, strategy, technical, audit and compliance obligations of international schools. With a training programme designed around the needs of international schools and based upon our recent data and security research, the summit provides a rare opportunity to share, develop and learn from the challenges facing schools at this moment.


The cost for the Summit is €375 per delegate, with the revenue used to cover logistics, expenses, sustenance and time costs associated with developing and delivering an extensive and in-depth programme.

Registering your interest

Places for the event are limited and will be allocated on a first registered, first confirmed basis. There is no obligation to attend the event through registering. The registration of interest allows us to finalise likely numbers and spatial requirements.


Summit themes:


  • Developing a robust EdTech Strategy.
  • Engaging with stakeholders and confirming EdTech requirements.
  • Measuring the impact of technology on learning to inform future investment requirements. • Future-Tech: Technical developments and their likely impact on our schools.



  • The requirements of accreditation on our technology strategy.
  • Involvement and understanding of leadership on developing, buying into, resourcing and disseminating technology strategy.
  • Models to efficiently and effectively develop, cost and articulate strategy.



  • Technical systems development: scoping, development, planning and execution.
  • Technical systems management: auditing, reporting and managing.
  • Technical systems strategy: the role of cloud and virtual systems architecture in future planning and development.
  • Technical systems operations; tools for effective management of systems operations.


Operations management:

  • The role of leadership in governing the management of IT Operations.
  • Legal obligations placed upon school leadership for the effective management and provision of proportionate resources to maintain and develop IT systems.
  • Rationale for change: Creating effective IT teams in providing outstanding service.


Cyber security and data protection:

  • Evidencing compliance with international data protection law.
  • Following best practices data and security frameworks and codes of conduct e.g. NCSC 10 Steps to Cyber Security.



  • The role of AI in the advancement of school information systems and applications
  • How blockchain could improve the integrity of data.
  • Robotics and the maker revolution.


Sponsorship Opportunities:  


Selected Sponsors will be expected to take part and contribute to the event.

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Other opportunities are available. Please ask for further information.

An opportunity for international schools to learn, share and develop leadership capacity in balancing the creative tensions of teaching and learning with legal and compliance obligations. 

- John Mikton, Head of Education & Media Technology, International School of Luxembourg


The provision of action-oriented technology-related professional development is a challenge for international schools. Driven by 9ine’s expertise, we will empower all school leaders and technology specialists with the tools to plan and improve their development and execution of technology strategy. 

Mark Orchison, MD 9ine Consulting




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