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Talk to a real person AT BETT 2017.

Schools are bigger than they look. Anybody who teaches or works at a school knows that it is a community, representing and working alongside a wide range of other groups and individuals located outside its four walls. Being at the heart of this community supports the school’s success, but also brings with it an enormous responsibility to lead, develop and improve the people, processes and systems that hold it together. To achieve this, schools need real people they can rely upon to provide timely, relevant guidance and sensible, practical support.  These people need to be able to help answer questions for the school, such as:

  • How do we successfully meet the needs of everyone?
  • What does best practice look like?
  • Are we complying with the regulations and expectations of external bodies?
  • Are our people safe?
  • How can we ensure we are communicating effectively with each other?
  • Which systems will work best for our specific needs?
  • How do we ensure our people are trained and keen to develop their practice?
  • What is the best way for us to handle and utilise our data?
  • What does a cost-effective investment model look like?

Like any other community, a school is unable to evolve and improve without access to relevant experience and practical guidance flowing through its doors. Finding people they can trust to inject relevant, practical advice when problems arise or questions need answering, prevents the school from standing still while others move forwards. As with some recently reported cases, the problem with standing still is that it often results in the school slipping backwards.

9ine Consulting is proud to be a trusted partner to many schools through listening carefully to their specific needs and providing expert guidance, along with practical support, in the development of technology, safeguarding and professional practice.

At BETT 2017, we will once again be inviting you into the lounge at the Aloft Hotel, right next door to the exhibition, to sit, unwind and enjoy some food and drink, while discussing your thoughts on the issues you'd like to resolve at your school(s). Join us for ‘Nothing Like a Free Lunch’ by registering below.


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