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4-9 new things coming to the app in 2021

9 new things coming to our 9ine App in 2021

The 9ine App launched in September 2020, and, in a short time, is already making a difference to dozens of schools in effectively managing their data privacy & protection programs. Our on-ground experience together with suggestions from schools has led us to introduce innovative features in the app and we are excited to give you a sneak peek into what 2021 holds for us.

Here are 9 of the most value-adding and innovative features coming to the 9ine App in 2021.

1. Intelligent Dashboards.

Understanding how your GRC program is progressing is a difficult challenge when so many aspects live in siloed processes. Our App’s Intelligent dashboards will enable you to analyse, and present all of those compliance processes to your peers and the Senior Leadership Team with visual reporting, to discuss the progress, and devise future strategies.


2. Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

DPIA is a key data protection tool and is required as per Data Privacy regulations. Through the 9ine App, you will be able to conduct a risk assessment which will help you identify and minimise risks relating to personal data processing activities.

To make it error-free and convenient, the information already stored in the app, will be auto-populated in the Impact Assessments, and all the risks identified will be documented in detail for future reference and action through inbuilt Tasks and Projects features.


3. Legitimate interest assessment (LIA)

The 9ine app will support you with determining and documenting the Legitimate Interest Assessment or LIA. GDPR recognises 6 different types of lawful bases for processing personal data, and the 9ine App can help you keep a detailed record of your school’s reason.


4. The 9ine GDPR Compliance framework

Foster a culture of respecting data privacy and compliance within your organisation, using 9ine’s GDPR Compliance framework. This framework will allow you to practice and demonstrate compliance and the ability to comply on an ongoing basis. The framework will give your organisation a structured approach to GDPR compliance.


5. Automated Compliance Engine.

The 9ine App has been designed to deliver automation and objective decision making through its groundbreaking compliance engine, enabling schools to manage their GRC with consistency and assurance.


6. New way to see News, Videos, and Events.

Regional and global data privacy laws are an ever-changing landscape, the App will keep you abreast of all impactful changes in your compliance requirements. Our app will continue to feature new and updated Training and Educational videos which will help you develop an outstanding data privacy culture, from the senior compliance leaders to students, while raising awareness about data protection & cybersecurity.


7. Affiliated organisations.

A growing trend in accreditation requirements is to demonstrate good governance and a robust data privacy and protection program. The 9ine App will enable you to allow access to external organisations to view your progress, share best practices with other schools, and become a leader in Data Protection and Compliance.


8. Third-party processors

Soon you will be able to assess and review your risk levels with third party data processors. We will bring a library of 9ine audited 3rd parties to the app, to save you time and provide assurance of an objective review of the risks associated with the most common software and IT vendors schools use as data processors


9. Chat for support.

Behind the App, are 9ine’s experienced talent of data protection, and cybersecurity experts with over 100 years of collective experience working with educational organisations. We want to ensure that during your use of the App,  our expertise is easily accessible for you through chat support. 



For a deeper dive into how the 9ine App can simplify Data Privacy and GDPR compliance in your school, book a free demo and a 30-day trial with one of our experts.

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Ameya Gondhalekar is the Head of Marketing at 9ine Consulting. He loves understanding and solving our customer's challenges through our marketing programs.

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