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1-9 predictions in Data Protection and Compliance in 2021-1

9ine’s Data Protection & Privacy Predictions for schools in 2021

It’s that time of the year when everyone is eagerly looking to bring in 2021, we present 9ine predictions for Schools in the area of Data Protection and Privacy. Read on to know more.

  1. Proactive approach 
    Schools will become more proactive in avoiding and mitigating cyber attacks on their systems. This will include increased awareness of the risks and vulnerabilities involved in the hybrid learning models and installing third-party software on the school network. 
  2. Increased buy-in from management
    There will be increased involvement and buy-in from senior leadership and school management in matters of data protection, data privacy & GDPR compliance. Expect more collaboration across departments to safeguard students and staff privacy rights.
  3. Automated Security 
    Schools will move towards machine-based protection with the power to detect, investigate, and remediate cyber threats without human intervention. 
  4. Targeting remote access 
    Students and staff accessing the school systems remotely for learning and administrative purposes will be targeted using social engineering and home devices to get into the school’s networks.
  5. Training and Upskilling
    Schools will start awareness and situation-based training for their staff conducted through subject matter experts throughout the year.
  6. Automated Compliance Frameworks
    Schools will start exploring automated compliance tools that will help them streamline their Tasks, Documenting Cyber Incidents, and automated Dashboards to keep all stakeholders involved in staying GDPR compliant. 
  7. Global Data Privacy laws
    Schools across the globe will need to be ready and start acting according to the new regulations being implemented across the globe. Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan, India, Russia, and South Korea are some of the countries that will implement data privacy laws in 2021. 
  8. Increased Clarity on Laws
    Due to the increased awareness about privacy rights and laws, there will be a higher number of litigations. As a result of which, there will be more clarity, precedents, and guidelines for DPOs and Schools.
  9. Assessments become mainstream 
    School IT teams and DPOs will increasingly start stress-testing their Systems and IT infrastructure through Cyber Vulnerabilities that will highlight the loopholes and gaps in their set-up which can be fixed to avoid cyber attacks and loss to the school’s reputation and private data. 

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