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How to complete a self review ICT Health Check



If technology is not effective within a school environment then it can have a severe impact on the core business of teaching and learning. In some instances problems become so entrenched that the culture of the school changes to accept the issues as the ‘norm’. With poor technology normalised; innovation, creativity and progress are constrained. The best way of understanding the issues you have and what needs to be done about them is by asking your users. 

We have created a list of nine questions that you can pose to the users in your school about technology:

  • In what ways does technology have a positive impact on teaching and learning in the classroom?
  • Does technology have any negative impacts on the classroom?
  • If you have tablets would you say that they are used effectively?
  • Do you receive adequate training on the technology provided to you?
  • How do you find ICT support at the school?
  • Do you feel that the ICT support team are able to resolve your issues?
  • Are reported issues resolved within a timely manner?
  • If you could improve any aspects of your school’s ICT what would they be?
  • Are there any systems that you regularly encounter issues with and what are they?

A good way to ask these questions is in a Google Form. This method will also capture all the answers quickly and efficiently. In capturing the answers you need to then identify the issues, the impact of those issues, and the priority in which they need to be addressed.

In making sure you have a rounded view of your school’s technology, be sure you ask all your users i.e. staff, support staff, students and administration.

All the issues identified in the answers should be measurable allowing you to identify their severity and order of priority. You will need to complete an action plan to address and overcome these issues. An example issue log and action plan is provided in the download at the end of this blog.

The issues can be categorised under the following headings;

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Technical
  • Operations
  • Strategic

Breaking the issues up under these headings will help to identify the solutions. As illustrated in the download at the bottom of the page.


It is important to carry out a self-review quickly and provide feedback to your users, communicating the findings and the school’s plan for resolving those issues. For more in-depth reviews, you may want to consider an external review. The example 9ine has provided in the download at the bottom of the page includes a commentary and issue log. Our reviews also provide a detailed deliverable plan to support you in resolving any identified issues or in implementing parts of the ICT strategy. If you are thinking that a more in depth health check is required, or would like support in running your own ICT Health Check, get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer any questions or give you advice.