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Lighten your load with office 365

Think of how you work with your school computer(s) and ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Does it seem like there is more than one system that does the same thing at your school?
  2. Are you teaching lessons with PowerPoints from years ago, stored in ‘My Documents’ and/or on your trusty USB stick?
  3. Do your school’s shared drives contain years of stored documents, meaning you often have to scroll through what seems to be an endless stream of duplicate files?
  4. Do you spend hours organising files into folders, only to find yourself helpless when you forget your memory stick, or can’t access your laptop?
  5. Are your students emailing homework to you with odd filenames, expecting you to rename and store it somewhere?

Did you answer yes to any of these? If so, you and your school are likely to be carrying around too much baggage.

For years educators have relied on key documents, presentations, graphics and a myriad of classroom resources to support their teaching. Unfortunately, it has largely been left up to the individual to use systems and organise their files in whichever way they feel works best. Over time this has generated a shambling behemoth of inconsistently filed and obsolete content, with a host of lost resources and hidden gems, all left to fade and bog down the school's shared drives.

The thought of organising years' worth of files is so daunting that schools often choose to hang onto them all, just to save anyone the pain of deleting the old and organising the relevant. So, staff go on using the same resources, generate more and more files and duplicate lots of effort through the same long-winded processes they've been using for years, but often in different systems and each with their own unique way of working.

Imagine a school where the process for creating, sharing and saving was consistent, fast and efficient, the folders and directories for files and information were well defined and all staff and students were trained to access their content safely, anywhere, at any time.

Would that make life easier?

Many schools are looking for ways to migrate to O365, but don’t want bring years of files and clutter with them. Having our team ensure it’s as painless and effective as possible, gives them the confidence to make the step. Our ‘Digital Schools Programme’ provides the structure needed to replicate vital workflows at your school to ensure everyone can work effectively following a migration. For example, how a document is submitted, marked or shared.

We take the time to learn from your staff and gather a detailed understanding of their current day to day tasks, such as which files they use regularly and how they store them. We take that information and develop our ‘Digital Workflow Catalogue’, to provide you with an overview of your school’s most common practices. We then use what we have learned from your school and make an accurate recommendation of how we envision your school could achieve greater efficiency and improvements.

We work with your teaching and learning lead to schedule tailored and focused training in the areas where it’s needed most, bringing both your teaching team and your support staff up to speed on the school’s agreed Digital Workflows. Training is bespoke and scheduled to suit the requirements of each school, ensuring the team feel motivated and encouraged to put the school’s agreed approach into practice.

Finally, we document each training session, detailing the impact and progress of the selected individuals. Our final ‘Impact Report’ is provided to the Headteacher and marks the beginning of your school’s journey to a simple, organised and efficient platform for all teachers and students so they can focus on the business of learning.

What next?

Our Digital Schools Programme is built upon a firm belief in listening to the needs of schools and providing the best guidance and practical support we can offer. If you feel your school would benefit from talking to someone with a wealth of experience in advising schools on their journey to develop technology and professional practice, get in touch. We're always keen to talk.