Every School we work with has a lever for change. At heart, we are a Change Management Consultancy, just with an education technology twist.

The organisations we support have the following levers for change:

    • A new School building or extensive refurbishment.
    • The need for a new IT strategy which links to the School’s development plan.
    • Development of mobile learning strategy for introducing  new tablet technology.
    • School’s ICT is not performing or supporting teaching and learning effectively.
    • A School has an outsourced IT Managed Service either within, or outside, BSF and would like to evaluate their options.
    • An organisation has invested in new technology but it is not embedded effectively.
    • A need to undertake a competitive tender for a major investment in IT.

Whatever the lever for change, the overwhelming focus is for technology to make a positive impact to teaching and learning. To help organisations we need to clearly understand the learning culture, curriculum model, development plans and importantly the existing systems architecture and technology tools used to support teaching and learning. In doing this we complete a 9ine Health Check which includes:

    • An on-site review with staff, student, parent, governor and LA focus groups to measure their aspirations for technology use, any existing challenges and an organisations’ appetite to risk and change.
    • An on-site systems architecture performance review to understand what changes are needed to improve existing technology use and what investment is required to meet the teaching and learning needs now and in the future.
    • An on-site IT operations and contracts review.
    • An on-site strategy review to determine how you currently plan to use technology and the impact on the curriculum.

Once we have completed the onsite assessment we will have achieved what we like to call ‘the line in the sand moment’. Next we work in partnership with the key decision makers to create an achievable vision for the effective use of technology, an action focussed delivery plan which includes indicative costs and key milestones.