Exceed CIS Accreditation Standards

For Data Protection & Cyber Security


Register for the CIS Data Protection & Cyber Security Accreditation Tool

In registering for your free Self-Assessment Tool, exclusively for CIS-Accredited schools, you will be provided with a unique assessment framework for your school to evaluate itself against the revised protocol standards and criteria for each of the preparatory evaluation, team evaluation and future aspiration stages.

In completing the CIS Self-Assessment Tool, you will have access to direct support from one of 9ine's consultancy team to help answer any questions or concerns. Additional advanced support is available via our recently updated DPO Essentials subscription service - designed for schools to quickly and efficiently evidence continued alignment with the CIS International Accreditation protocol.


Snapshot benefits of the Self-Assessment Tool:

  • A metric for reviewing your current standing against the protocol requirements
  • Access to tools and resources to aid your alignment with accreditation standards
  • Access to experts to support your pathway to accreditation
  • Access to the latest research statistics on data protection compliance for international schools


Your Participation in the CIS Special Interest Group

When requesting the Self-Assessment Tool, you will also be asked to register your level of interest in joining the CIS Special Interest Group (SIG) for Data Protection & Cyber Security.