Register your interest for 9ine's data protection training in Dubai during February/March 2019. This event is the second in a series of unique professional development opportunities for schools in Dubai and the surrounding region, with further scope to deliver training in additional challenges facing schools, such as cyber security and child protection. 

If you are unable to make this date why not sign up for our RTC event in Doha. Click the link below for more info.

RTC at ACS DOHA - 3oth JANUARY 2019


Developing a culture of data privacy and achieving maintained compliance with international and local data protection law IN the United Arab Emirates


Training Location: 

The practitioner led workshop is designed for all levels of school leadership including Governors, Principals / Deputies, Business Managers, Data Managers, DPO's, Compliance and IT Managers. Working through a structured approach participants will follow worked examples of compliance practice from schools in the UK and Europe. The workshop will demonstrate the compliance obligations of schools in Dubai. Specifically for International Schools, the workshop will highlight practical challenges and solutions based on 9ine's experience working with International Schools in the UK, Europe, Switzerland, Africa, and China. The workshop is a must for anyone responsible for data protection or cybersecurity.

Training Approach 

Our training is structured so school leaders can take their learnings and apply them back at school in a structured and measurable way. This means attendance and the consequential learnings have a great return on investment. We do this through adopting the following principles: 

1. Governance - where a well thought-out structure links preparatory thinking, participation and organisational progression through the learning outputs.

2. Learning through context - where the content of the training gives consideration to daily experiences of working in a school, with practical examples enabling delegates to understand and be able to apply learnt lessons from others schools at their own.

3. Learning through play - where learning is embedded through structured games, giving opportunity for debate and the distilling of knowledge into practice.

The focus of this training day is ‘embedding a culture of data protection within schools’. Moving on from definitions and the impact of the GDPR, the agenda is designed to be targeted at the operational impact, lessons learnt and need for collaboration. We feel that this approach lowers the compliance cost for schools and achieves better outcomes.


Topics covered on the day:

  • 12 Stages of compliance
  • Business as usual roles of the DPO: DPIAs, reporting, monitoring, training & communications
  • Utilising DPO Essentials & its knowledge base
  • Accountability and responsibilities of the GDPR Working Group
  • Developing a data privacy culture
  • Managing ad hoc, unpredictable and high-risk incidents
  • Project management & governance - reporting, risk management, meetings, monitoring & managing progress
  • Utilising the GDPR Planner
  • Conducting a successful Data Mapping Audit
  • Assessing third-party processors using the DPA Checklist
  • Hands-on examples of how a data processing agreement assessment works
  • Data breach walkthrough and information rights request examples


All schools will leave with an action plan, membership to an online community of RTC delegates and a list of best practices to apply at their school.


Feedback from previous 9ine RTC Events:

100% of delegates, representing twelve International Schools from across Europe would recommend our data protection training. 


“Good blend of information, direction, discussion and sharing” 

- The International School of Zug & Luzern


“Great to share where we all are on this. Lots of little action points. And a reassuring feeling that we are on the right track.” 

International School of Amsterdam


“A relevant, understandable and user friendly …  I understood and felt encouraged by the whole day.” 

- Leysin American School




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