Cyber Security in Education


Significantly reduce the risk of a data breach and protect students, parents, staff and your school or organisation's reputation.


Cyber Threats in Education

9ine's unique understanding of the cyber threats that the education sector faces allows us to test for vulnerabilities not just to indiscriminate attack, but also to the most advanced targeted cyber threats.

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Do you know where the cyber security vulnerabilities and risks are hiding in your school?

A Systems and IT Vulnerability Audit provides a comprehensive infrastructure and systems analysis with independent recommendations for security, service continuity and best practice technical configuration. It provides an increased visibility of cyber security vulnerabilities within your technical and operational systems and the technical data to support budget planning and prioritise allocation of resources.

The audit enables your school to demonstrate and evidence compliance with best practice data protection law and associated cyber security standards and offers evidenced based insight into the ongoing management of IT risks. You will gain a greater understanding of where cyber security risks reside within the school’s IT systems, infrastructure and operations.  

Internal Penetration Testing (Remote) 

9ine’s internal penetration testing is executed whilst remotely connected within the school’s network. 9ine’s Cyber Security Consultants use industry-standard tools to simulate attacks on the school's networks, as if performed by a malicious insider.

We analyse the available exploits (malicious code or software tool designed to take advantage of a flaw in a computer system) and attempted to utilise the exploit to gain control of a computer, create an account and promote our account privileges to that of the Domain Administrator. All vulnerabilities with existing exploits will be documented, evidenced and remedial actions provided. 

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External Penetration Testing (Remote) 

9ine’s Cyber Security Consultant will assess the vulnerability of the school’s public facing IP addresses and systems by mimicking the behaviour of a cyber attacker (limited to 8 external IP addresses). Our testing will provide a point-in-time analysis of any improperly configured or insecure components that could allow the escalation of privileges, or vulnerabilities that could lead to the extraction of user data or unauthorised access. 

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