Data Protection Office Essentials


9ine's Data Protection Office Essentials reduces the time and complexity required to comply with the obligations of GDPR and international data protection law.

Simplify the management of data privacy and protection. 

Managing the volume of tasks and scope of change imposed by data protection regulations worldwide can be overwhelming. Our consultants understand that at the heart of data protection are the real lives of your school's students, staff and parents.

9ine’s Data Protection Office Essentials service provides an education specific data framework and is supported by a comprehensive Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy. Following the 9ine framework, your school will be adopting a consistent management approach for GRC in the area of data privacy and protection.

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We have seen 9ine as an important business partner for helping us not only with GDPR compliance, but also as a facilitator of change. With the DPO Essentials service, 9ine provide a knowledge base that can be used at any moment that we need it and continue to act as a business partner for the organisation. We, as a small organisation, have seen the added value of working with a partner in making sure that we will be in compliance with GDPR requirements. 9ine has also been very valuable in raising awareness of security gaps in our ICT infrastructure and we are on our way to get these issues addressed and solved.
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5 Top Benefits of 9ine's Trusted DPO Essentials Service 

It's not just our resources; our data protection audit, policies and procedures framework and assessment and mapping tool, that make us the number one choice for the education sector. There are plenty of other reasons why great schools choose to have 9ine on their side!


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Thanks for creating user friendly modules that breakdown the mass of information into more manageable bites.

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A Modular Approach to Compliance


9ine's DPO Essentials takes a modular approach to compliance. Our team of experts have developed an easy to follow process, along with best practice resources, policies, templates and more to help you stay on track, and on time. 9ine's modular approach is built to suit the needs of schools across the globe processing subject data covered by many different jurisdictions.

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9ine Case Study
Zurich International School

Author: Mark Dilworth, Director of Education Technology

One of the key challenges with data protection readiness is knowing where to start. 9ine offers Data Protection and Cybersecurity audits through their subscription service and these audits have been invaluable helping Zurich International School to prioritise how they focus their time and resources.ZIS Website Privacy Policy

Having access to the compliance toolkit and procedure templates has saved the school hours of work and enabled them to develop stronger training opportunities for faculty and staff. After supporting ZIS with a Data Protection Readiness Assessment, 9ine's subscription service, DPO Essentials, has provided the school with ongoing guidance and tools for the ZIS in-house team to build compliance themselves.

Through the data protection expertise provided by our service desk, we have supported ZIS with their breach management and information rights issues and concerns as they occur. Since using 9ine's support to develop their appropriate governance structures, 9ine has audited and evaluated the effectiveness of these structures delivering critical and crucial assessments to ZIS.

The onsite audit of their progress not only demonstrates their level of compliance to the Board but also engages stakeholders across the school in the review helping them to understand the positive impact of their efforts. 9ine’s onsite audit helped to assess ZIS’ compliance across: personal data governance, levels of staff training and awareness, accountability to the regulations, and information rights and breach management.


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