What we do

We provide independent and objective consultancy services to support organisations to manage technology, data protection, cyber security and safeguarding risks . We succeed because we become the trusted long-term partner of the organisations we work with.

Our approach provides organisational leaders with the information they require to make better decisions.

Our approach

Our approach to helping organisations get the best out of technology is thorough and proven. Our comprehensive ICT Health Check lays solid foundations for our core service, The ICT Strategic Partnership, which ensures organisations develop and sustain and effective strategy that generates tangible benefits in and out of the classroom.

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Strategic Partnership

Based on the evidence arising from our initial engagement with your organisation, every client enters into a strategic partnership with 9ine. This ranges from taking our DPO Essentials service through to ongoing cyber security or technology strategy. By understanding the specific needs of every client, we provide comprehensive advice and guidance tailored to their needs.

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Keeping children safe at school is a core element of our ICT Strategic Partnership. Our Safeguarding Programme is outlined during the ICT Health Check and then monitored, reviewed and refined on an ongoing basis. We do more than simply ensure your school is operating within legislative frameworks. We review management processes, conduct dynamic risk assessment programmes and pre-empt where technology is going so we can source the best solutions to protect your pupils, teachers and staff.

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Cyber Security

As the leading independent authority on technology in education, we are experts in minimising the cyber-security risks facing schools. We find the areas where each school is most vulnerable and taking pre-emptive action to deal with it. This action includes identifying immediate threats, preventing internal hacking, conducting end user training and setting up a an effective management process to deal with cyber-security risks.

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Having trained over 200 schools and supported many more on the GDPR, our expertise within the schools sector is second to none. Our Data Protection Essentials service provides your school with the required skills and expertise to demonstrate and execute your compliance obligations. 

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Awards & Accreditations

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