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Our action oriented and data driven approach provides school leaders with the information they require to make better technology decisions


Every School we work with has a lever for change. At heart, we are a Change Management Consultancy, just with an education technology twist.

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As a non ICT person, I found 9ine's report easy to read and understand

Governor, King's School, Winchester

Why 9ine?

9ine Consulting are unique in the UK marketplace as we are an independent consultancy and are not aligned to any particular brand of technology or service provider. We act as ‘Trusted Advisors’ to education organisations, ensuring decision makers can make informed choices on technology products and services that wholly support their education vision.

Our uniqueness comes from our data driven approach, which supports educational organisations with getting technology decisions right first time.

Our Unique Approach

"Kings’ School wished to refresh their IT strategy and were delighted to be able to work with 9ine from the start of that process to bring clarity and direction in developing the school’s IT vision.  After conducting review of the school’s current IT provisions, 9ine worked with the school governors, leadership team and staff to develop the strategy and shape the direction of IT thinking.  Having considered the options for delivering the strategy, the school was able to conclude that a managed IT Service Provider was the best way forward and 9ine were instrumental in articulating the requirement and drafting the Invitation to Tender.  The school, with 9ine's advice, elected to using the Crown Commercial Framework to procure a new IT provider and 9ine steered the school through that process assisting with the bidding process, down selecting to the preferred bidder and then advising through the rigours of contract drafting.  Having migrated to our new provider, Kings’ School is delighted with the IT service that is now provided.  Achieving such a fantastic outcome would not have been possible without the expert and professional advice received from our 9ine consultants.  The school was able to feel assured at every step that we were making the right decisions for the right reasons.  The level of support the school enjoyed was outstanding from start to finish."

Ian Pickles, Business Manager, King's School Winchester


"Tudor Grange Academies Trust appointed 9ine in assessing our IT services requirements, the creation of service management specification and the procurement of a managed service for the trust of (initially) seven schools. Key to the success of the process was 9ine's understanding of the technology service needs for the trust and the development of a IT service structure that would meet the needs of our staff and learners. Throughout the process 9ine were at hand to offer support and guidance; and following the recommendation of a preferred bidder, 9ine were superb in managing the contract through to financial close."

Steven Groutage, Chief Operations Officer

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